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OpenVZ and overselling at GoodHoster.NET

Our company has chosen the Openvz virtualization for providing VPS hosting services. simplicity, flexibility and ease in management Openvz, isolated from each other VPS give us possibility to to ensure a high level tech support and security of virtual servers,the failure of one does not affect the operation of another. Changing VPS parameters, migration to another phisical server - it can go on "on the way", without reloading the virtual server. The costs of virtualization itself is very small, and the performance drop is only 1-3%, which makes it possible to maintain the high performance of the VPS.

Despite some minor flaws Openvz in the form of restriction of OS choice only from Linux distributives and that there is not always a possibility to upload additional kernel modules on the VPS, virtualisation on the operating system level in OpenVZ gives better scalability, areal density, perfomance, dynamic resource management, flexibility in administration, than alternative solutions.

One of the Openvz features is a dynamic resource management, when in the right time VPS can use more resources, if there is an unused operating memory on the server, for example, or more CPU power. Of course, on the hosting most part of VPS does not use up all of its resources 100% and there are always resources available on the server. Everybody started to use this feature, and create more virtual servers, than phisical server`s resources allow, this is called overselling.

The purpose of our company is to support hosting services on the provessional level and with high reliability, stability and perfomance. That`s why we oficially guarantee that all our phisical servers with virtual enviroments are without overselling and every VPS can use 100% of its capacity according to the VPS hosting tariff plan. And at the right time containers can use more resources, if they are available on the server (as usual, there are always free resources).