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KVM virtualization

The comprehensive virtualization technology KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) provides a wide range of advantages that make it an attractive choice for deploying virtual machines. KVM uses the Linux kernel for virtualization, which allows for much more efficient use of server resources compared to other virtualization technologies. This allows you to achieve high performance of virtual machines, even on large servers with a large number of processor cores.

KVM provides a high level of security because each virtual machine is isolated from the others. This avoids possible threats such as data interception or virus attacks between different virtual environments.

Using VPS based on KVM, you get a guaranteed share of server resources, such as processor time, RAM and disk space. This means that your resources will not affect other sites, as can be the case with shared hosting, where resources are shared among many users.

VPS allow you to easily increase or decrease resources depending on your needs. This means you can scale your site or app without having to switch to a different hosting plan or find a new hosting provider.

In general, the use of KVM-based virtual machines allows you to increase the efficiency and flexibility of computing environments, providing high performance and reliability at an affordable price.