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VPS hosting packages.

We work hard to get you a stable and high-performance virtual server. At any time, we will help with answers to questions related to VPS hosting. Order Air Force Hosting at Goodhoster!

  • VM-20G
    Just for fast start you web site
  • / 1 mth.
  • HDD/Storage: 20 Gb
  • RAM: 2048 Mb
  • CPU: 1200 Hz
  • Top sales
  • VM-40G
    Optimal choice for middle-load projects
  • / 1 mth.
  • HDD/Storage: 40 Gb
  • RAM: 4096 Mb
  • CPU: 2048 Hz
  • VM-60G
    Best for big sites
  • / 1 mth.
  • HDD/Storage: 60 Gb
  • RAM: 6144 Mb
  • CPU: 3200 Hz
  • VM-90G
    Best for big sites
  • / 1 mth.
  • HDD/Storage: 90 Gb
  • RAM: 8192 Mb
  • CPU: 3200 Hz

Allowed operationg systems:

Ubuntu vps hosting CentOS vps hosting Debian vps hosting

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Technical support and basic administration of virtual servers.

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Linux vps hosting - is a productive and stable virtual server

We support only Linux vps hosting, that is a guarantee of safety, stable and productive servers. Managing VPS containers on a Linux base is not difficult at all, you can quickly reinstall server in a few minutes, or choose another template with preinstalled software.

Linux vps hosting - is a productive and stable virtual server
Unlike regular shared hosting (when there are so many sites of different owners on one server and a single set of software for all), on vps hosting you can install any software and set the necessary settings.

Order vps hosting in Europe on the website Goodhoster

Order VPS hosting on the Goodhoster website, we make every effort to let you get customized, stable and high-performance virtual server. At any time we make the needed adjustments or help to answer your questions related to the vps hosting.

Order vps hosting in Europe on the website Goodhoster}

KVM Virtualization

Virtualization technology KVM provides a high level of security because each virtual machine is isolated from the others. This avoids possible threats such as data interception or virus attacks between different virtual environments. Read more

VPS hosting FAQ

Buy a reliable VPS hosting in Europe

VPS hosting is very popular now and is beneficial because of their price and flexibility in configuration.You don`t need to spend a lot of money to rent separate physical server. If you decide to get a vps, then you get a full control over operating system, just as if you order a dedicated server, but much cheaper. Virtual server gives you an opportunity to install any software and settings you need. You do not depent on other projects, all the resources of vps hosting are available for your websites only and you can install any software or settings on the server that your projects need.

Taking a decision to order a vps hosting you can contact the support, and our techs will help you install and setup the necessary standart web-hosting software free of charge. We try to provide in our templates with the optimization popular software for vps. For an extra charge, our experienced technical support specialists will try to help you to install custom programs or help you choose the right settings for optimum performance of your project if necessary.