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What is domain name and why do I need it?

Domain – area of the domain names in the internet. For example, net is a first level domain, goodhoster is a second level domain that is inclduded in the first level domain – net. But usually, when we say «domain» we actually mean «domain name» - for example

Domain name is a unique symbol name, that is consisting from all the domains it includes and that are separated by commas. For example, is a domain name that consists from domains «goodhoster» and «net». Domain name is used to address network hosts in the worldwide web – internet. Computers in the internet are identified by their IP addresses. Domain name gives us a possibility not to remember a numbers of the IP addresses in the internet. Knowing the domain name of a network host ( ip address) we can connect to the host we need, because it's automatically transformed into the ip address using DNS. It is used for addressing web-sites in the internet, emails and other services in user friendly form. So for your web-site to work you need to buy a domain name, a unique name which is used for finding your site in the internet.