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Add Parked Domains

Domain Aliases allow to access your website using another domain name. For example, you can set it so, that your website`s content would display also on domains and
To use domains as aliases, they must be registered with a valid registrar and configured to connect to your DNS servers.

In order to add a domain in admin panel cPanel, go to the section "Domains" and click "Aliases":

In the "Domain" field type it`s name amd press "Add domain":

You will see a notification about the successful addition of a domain.

Now domain will open contents of the folder /public_html, because aliases refer to the root directory of your account.
You can also redirect the added alias to another domain.For this, in section "Remove Aliases" click the button "Manage redirection" of your domain:

In the text field enter the URL of a domain, to wich you want alias redirected and click "Save":

If you want to redirect an alias to the file, at the end of URL should be placed a symbol "/".

You will see a notification about the successful redirect of an alias:

You can view all the aliases below: