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Add subdomain

Subdomain — is a subdirectory on the web-site, that can exist as a new website without new domain name. Use subdomains to create memorable URL-addresses for different sections of the website`s content. For instance, you can create subdomain for blog, that will have the address

To create a subdomain, open an admin panel cPanel, go to the section "Domains" and click "Subdomains":

Further in the field "Subdomain" write a subdomain`s name (in our case it is sub), choose domain, where you want to create this subdomain and specify the path (for us it is /home/yourlogin/sub). It`s not recommended to point subdomain`s path to the derictory wich is cituated in /home/yourlogin/public_html. Afterwards press the button "Create":


You will see a notification about successfully created subdomain:

In the "Modify a subdomain" section you can see the created subdomain:

You can also redirect the subdomain to another domain. To do this, press the "Redirect management" button and specify the domain, to which your subdomain must be redirected: