Good stable vps hosting in Ukraine with php, mysql

Backup copy

To make a backup copy of your website go to the management panel cPanel and in section "Files" press on "Backup":

You can make a full backup copy: full backup will create an archive file of all files and configurations of website. This file can be used if you need to move your account to another server or for keeping local copy of the website. To do this, in section "Full Backup" press the button "Download a Full Website Backup":

Next choose destination for the backup copy "Home directory". You can also enter an email address to which will be send a notification that a backup copy was created. It is useful, when your website is large and backuping takes more time. Just click on "Create backup":

Notification will appear, that your backup copy is being created:

Click "Back". If the backup copy is created - you will see that you can download the archive file:

If there is no notification yet - it means that the backup copy is still being created. Just refresh the page.

You can also create a database backup copy with a possibility to restore it. For this, in section "Download MySQL database backup" click on the database (in our case it is yourlogin_your_base) and download an archive file:

There is also a possibility to download a backup copy of the root catalog, to do this press the button "Home Directory":

To restore a database - on your roght find the section "Restore a MySQL database backup", click "Choose File", choose a backup file you have downloaded before, and click on "Upload":

After the database was successfully restored you will see the notification:

In the same way you can restore the root catalog of the website:

Nice work!