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Configuring the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client

You can view settings for your account in the mail client Mozilla Thunderbird in management panel cPanel. Open "Email" and click "Email Accounts":

Further in the section "Email accounts" find an email address (in our case it is that you want to add to the mail client.
You can find out how to create an email account, following the link: Create an email account
Press the button "Set Up Mail Client":

Below find the section "Mail Client Manual Settings" where you will see the settings:

We recommend using settings with protected connection SSL. 
Open Mozilla Thunderbird, if you don`t have it on your device - you can always download it from it`s official website:
From the Left side, select item "Local folders", on your right find the section "Accounts" and click on "Email":

In the window that opens click "Skip this and use my existing email":

You will see the window "Mail account settings". Enter the e-mail address and password in the appropriate boxes.(in our case it is and press the button "Continue":

When the mail client will be configuring - click on "Manual config":

Enter the settings. If you need to work with emails constantly, and you need mail client to be connected to the server all the time - choose the mail protocol IMAP (recommended). Do not forget about the secure connection. Enter server`s name, ports and username from the cPanel settings as shown below:

If you need your mail client to keep the emails on your device and connect to the server only to download new messages, then use POP3 protocol. Example of this configuration is below:

After you have finished the setup - click "Re-test".
After that press the button "Done". Now you can see your account is added to the mail client :

Configuration of the mail client Mozilla Thunderbird is finished.