Good stable vps hosting in Ukraine with php, mysql

Create FTP account

To add an account FTP open the administration panel cPanel. Go to the section "Files" and choose "FTP accounts":

In the field "Log in" enter the FTP username. Choose user`s domain and enter the password. In the "Directory" you can see, which folder this user will have access to (in our case it is "/home/"). Also, you can limit disk space for this user in tab "Quota" (in our case disc space is unlimited). After you have entered info in all necessary fields, click on "Create FTP account":

Afterwards you will see a notification that an FTP account was successfully created:

In the section below "FTP accounts" you can see the account that you created. Here you can also manage FTP accounts.


FTP access data can be found in section "Configure FTP client":

Manual settings are below: 

Or already created configuration files: