Good stable vps hosting in Ukraine with php, mysql

Create MySQL database

To create the MySQL database and the user open a control panel cPanel hosting, go to the tab "Database" and choose "MySQL databases":

Find a section "Create New Database", in the textfield type in the database name with latin characters (in our case it is "your_base") and press the button "Create Database":

Then you will see a notification, that the database was added:

Then find the section "Add New User", where you need to fill out fields "Username" (in our case it is "user") and a password:

Click on the button "Create User", and after that you will be notified that the user was successfully created:

Next you need to add that user to the database you have just created. To do this, go to the tab "Add User To Database". In the fields "User" and "Database" choose the user you have created before and database (in our case it is "yourlogin_user" and "yourlogin_your_base"):

Click on "Add", after that you need to check the box "All PRIVILEGES" and press the button "Make changes":

After that in the top right corner of the page you will see the notification about the successful operation: