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Domain Redirect

To redirect one domain to another, go to admin panel cPanel, then go to section "Domains" and choose "Redirects":

Choose redirect type: Permanent redirect notifies user`s browser to update all the bookmarks, related to the redirected website. Temporary redirect doesn`t update the user`s bookmarks. Choose domain that you need to redirect in the field "https?://(www.)?" (in our case it is You can also specify path to the catalog/file, requesting which will redirect user to another domain.

In section "redirects to" put a domain name, to which you want to redirect your domain (in our case it`s 
you can also choose redirect settings www.

Please note, if you select an option Wild Card Redirect, redirection occurs with preservation of URI-request (for example: "" => ""). You are not allowed to use group redirection for main domain to another catalog on your website.

Clock "Add", to create redirect:

You will se notification that redirect was added:

Below you can see all the current redirects: