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Install joomla on cPanel hosting

In order to install Joomla first you need to create a MySQL database and a user. 
To do this open the hosting administration panel cPanel, find the section "Database" and choose "MySQL Databases":

Find the tab "Create New Database", in the text field enter the name of the database with latin characters (in our case it is "on_the_joomla") and press the button "Create Database":

After that you should see a notification that the database was created:

Next go to the section "Add a new user", where you need to fill in "Username" (in our case it is "on_the_joomla") and "Password":

Do not forget, that database name, username and password will be needed for the next step of Joomla installation.
Press the button "Create user", after which you will see the message that the user was created:

Now you need to add this user to the database you have just created. For this find the section "Add User To Database". In sections "User" and "Database" choose a user created before and database (in our case it is "yourlogin_on_the_joomla"):

Press the button "Add", after that you need to check the box "ALL PRIVILEGES" and press the button "Make changes":

Afterwards in top right corner you`ll see a notification about successfull operation:

Close the tab. Next step is to download Joomla files to the hosting. Archive file can be downloaded from official Joomla website:
In the cPanel find the section "Files" and choose "File manager":

In the open tab go to the root directory of your website (in our case it is directory public_html) and press the button "Upload" on the top of the toolbar:

In the open tab press the button "Select file" and choose the downloaded archive file with Joomla files:

As soon as file downloads to the server you will see the download completion indicator:

After that open the file manager in which you can see that file is downloaded to the website`s folder. Select the archive file, click on it with the left mouse button and on the top, in the toolbar click "Extract":

In the open window make sure, that files will be extracted to the website folder and press the button "Extract File(s)":

Make sure all the files are extracted and close the window clicking on the button "Close":

Now we can see, that all necessary files are in the website directory.
Open a new browser window and in the address bar enter the address of your website (in our case it is

If everything was done correctly, then by opening the website you will see the website`s settings. Enter website`s name, email, administrator login and password. After that press the button "Next":

Make sure that in the box "Database type" you have chosen MySQL. Fill out your name, username, password and database that were created before in cPanel (in our case it is your_site_on_the_joomla) and press the button "Next":

Now the configuration page should open. Here how it looks:

Make sure, that there are no mistakes on this page and press the button "Install":

If you have done everything right - You will se a page about successfull Joomla installation.
After that click "Remove installation folder" to complete the installation, and then press the button "Administrator":


On the next page enter administrator`s login and password, choose language and press the button "Log in":

After that you will see the control panel Joomla: