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How can I transfer a domain from another registrar to you?

These are conditions for a domain transfer :

1. Domain must not be blocked, for example «status:Locked» or «Client transfer prohibited» mean that your domain is blocked from the transfer. Status «ok» means your domain is allowed to be transferred. You can find out the status of your domain by checking the whois domain information.

2. In whois information of a domain, in «Administrative contact» or in «Technical contact» should be mentioned an email that you have access to, because on this mailbox you will receive a transfer confirmation. If in whois is registered an email address of your old registrant, you will need to send a request to change an email address, as you are the owner of this domain name.

3. You will have to provide us with a transfer key ( secret code) which you will request from your old domain registrar.

Domain transfer lasts about a week. It depends on how quick it would be confirmed from the email address in whois. Any time you can address our technical support, submit your domain name for transfer, and consult our technicians on this matter.