Good stable vps hosting in Ukraine with php, mysql

Which tariff plan should I order?

At first you need to analyse how many visitors your web-site has. The amount of visitors defines how much of a servers traffic your site is going to use. Depending on your web-sites needs you can order virtual shared hosting, virtual server or physical server.

Virtual shared hosting – up to 1000 uniqe visitors per 24 hour. Also resources that are used by scripts when loading a site should be taken under consideration. If a site has 100 visitors per day, but scripts use more than 8% of servers resources, your web-site will be blocked. One server hosts many web-sites, and no none will allow one site to use up all resources so the others would «suffer». This explains the law cost of shared hosting : many web-sites on the one server and strict policy of the resources usage.

VPS- “virtual private server“ allows 5000-10000 of visitors per day. As advantage of VPS you can see the possibility to configure cashing modules, proxy, firewalls, as you have a root access to the virtual server. There is also a possibility to install another operating system or change the configuration of the already existing one. VPS is cheaper than a physical server and is a very good decision when resources of the shared hosting aren't enough.

Physical server – 1000 and more users per day. It has the same advantages as a VPS server. Of course physical server is much more powerful than VPS, while using VPS you have only a part of a server, but on a physical server you get to administrate the whole server and its resources.

After you have decided which tariff plan is more suitable for your needs you choose:

- Virtual hosting `s tariffs you choose according to the disc space, traffic, amount of domains, databases.

- Tariff VPS_MINI - about 1000 visitors per day, VPS_START – 1000- 7000 visitors per day, VPS_PROFESSIONAL – 1000- 10000 visitors per day, VPS_ADVANCED – more than 5000 visitors per day. You also should take under consideration a disc space, when you are choosing a VPS. Amount of domains, databases, ftp accounts, email accounts is unlimited!!

You should also understand that these numbers aren't precise and aren't suitable for all web-sites. Some sites need more resources, some less; some use cashing in php, others dont't.