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How to Install Landing page on hosting

Beginners often ask the question "What is the difference between hosting for lending?", We will try to give an answer.

Hosting for running a landing does not require any special parameters. That is, when you are looking for some kind of best hosting for a landing, in fact in most cases you just need a simple hosting for sites, just a minimal tariff, if you do not expect a hundred-thousandths per day, also about more expensive hosting costs To think about when you have photos and content for lending takes up a lot of disk space (tens of gigabytes or more) or you plan to post a lot of landings in the future.

How do I upload the hosting to the hosting?

The installation of hosting for hosting does not differ from the usual deployment of the site on the hosting. To put lending on hosting is quite simple and for this you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Using any FTP-manager (we recommend FileZilla), fill in the files to the server.
  • If you need a database for work of the Landing, then create it through CPanel, then enter there in phpmyadmin and export the database dump. After that, register the connection parameters to the database in the site configuration files that have been uploaded via FTP.
  • Check the work of your lending and sending applications to the mail.

We are always ready to help you with downloading sites for hosting

If you have any questions or will arise during these simple 3 steps - contact technical support for hosting, our specialists are always ready to help solve the problems with the operation of your sites on our servers.