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Let's Encrypt - it's free ssl certificate or how to make your site https

What "Let's Encrypt" is?

Let's Encrypt - is a project, that was created with purpose to make sure that a large amount of internet websites has an encrypted connection (HTTPS). It releases SSL/TLS-certificates for free, with the biginner lever domain name verification.

Who and when needs an SSL-certificate through the service Let's Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt is recommended for the projects that do not require strict security guarantees: blogs, hobby-websites, personal websites etc. It will provide you with a secure data transfer from the user`s browser to the web server, that is, the data will be encrypted in the browser using a certificate, and sent to the server encrypted, then data is decrypted and saved. Thus, the data transmitted from forms on the site will not be read by 3 persons when traffic is intercepted.

What does Let's Encrypt does for the website?

When you enable Let's Encrypt on the website, then:
- this make your site https and website visitors will not see warnings about non safe connection to the website, those watnings all the modern browsers show.
- as those SSL-certificates do not require dedicated IP-address, they are available absolutely for free for all tariffs with SSL support both on shared hosting under the control of CPanel and VPS where are installed such OS as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora with control panel ISPmanager, Vesta etc.
- for quality and standard encryption free certificates from Let's Encrypt are not worse, than paid certificates, thus scammers will not be able to intercept information transmitted by users of the site, as lets encrypt certificate will be providing a safe HTTPS-connection.

What you should know about the shortcomings of Let's Encrypt

If you need to protect domain and subdomain - You need to issue several certificates. If you have more than 15 subdomains - it is not going to be the best solution. Its worth mentioning, that the period of validity of the free SSL-certificate is 90 days, but on servers with cPanel hosting it is renewed automatically, which greatly facilitates the work of users.
Pay attention to the main Let's Encrypt` limitations:
- You are allowed to order not more that 5 certificates per week for one first level domain name or it`s subdomains.
- Certificates wildcard are not supported.
- Let’s Encrypt is not a commercial organization and therefore does not provide guarantees and will not pay compensation in case of data leakage.
Full list of limitations you can view on the company`s website.

How to make your site https and connect Let's Encrypt to VPS or dedicated server

Upon request for technical support, we can configure automatic certificate renewal on VPS-servers and dedicated servers. Besides, you can always purchase full paid certificates for 1-3 years.