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Domain is not responding or doesn't work. What can be the reason?

Domain does not respond to web requests. How do you know the reason? what to do?

Here are the basic steps of action in order to understand when and who to contact:

1. Check if the domain gets pinged from your PC ( tape: ping Your_Domain in console). If domain is pinged then the problem has to do with server, and you need to contact technical support.

2. If it doesn't ping, check whether the domain registration isn't expired.

3. Using whois check if DNS for the domain are correct. You can check it here -> «WHOIS Lookup».

4. Check if there is an A log on DNS servers. You can check it here -> «DNS Lookup».

5. If the web-site doesn't work only from your computer, check if your ip wasn't blocked on the server. You will have to give your ip to perform this check. You can find it on

6. If you are our client and you can't find what the problem is on your own, you can contact our technical support and we will do our best to help you.