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Configure Filezilla FTP-client

You can download an FTP-client FileZilla on the page:
Open FileZilla and enter settings of your FTP account into the the text fields (how to create an FTP-account in Cpanel you can in the section "Create an FTP account"):

Please note: To enter, you can use your login and password to cPanel!

Settings for your FTP-account you can see in the cPanel administration panel and in section "Files" press "FTP accounts":

Below in the section "FTP accounts" you can see active FTP-accounts. Click the link "Configure FTP client":

You will see configuration for your FTP-account. Manual settings are needed to manually register account information in FTP-client:

In order not to enter settings every time you use FileZilla - you can download configuration file, clicking the button "FTP configuration file":

Save file. Open FileZilla and in the top menu choose "File" => "Import" => and choose the configuration file that you downloaded:

In the next window click "OK":

And confirm notification, that file was imported:

To connect to FTP-account, click "File" => "Site manager" :

In the open window on the left, select FTP-account, clicking it with the left mouse button, and press the button "Connect":

In the next window enter FTP-account password and click "OK" to connect to the server: